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The Adam Morgan Show is a weekly podcast featuring Adam Morgan, a software engineer, with commentary on current events, politics, and its influence on tech.
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Mar 29, 2017

Work is work. Sex is sex. Right? That’s what we all thought until this week when Larry Garfield, contributor to Drupal, was forced to resign for his involvement in the BDSM community. Are you a minority in tech with a story to tell? Well if you are, be sure to portray yourself as the biggest victim possible as I discuss Inc. Magazine deciding a black CEO was not “black enough” for their story.


Larry Garfield’s “TMI About me” -

Dries Buytaert’s “Living our values” -

Uber and Escorts -

I’m not “Black enough” for Inc. Magazine -

Jewber and Uber’s Diversity and Inclusion groups -

Project Include’s Jewber Tweet:

Mar 22, 2017

Netflix’s Iron Fist has been accused of whitewashing. What ever happened to artistic freedom and why do people feel artists have a public obligation with their work? What does the future of our education system look like? When will it be “disrupted”? Today I talk about how it already is and why the status quo of public education is a complete failure.


Netflix and Iron Fist Whitewashing:

NY Teachers and Literacy Test:

Mar 15, 2017

If you work in tech, it’s no longer company business that’s open to public scrutiny. If you attend a birthday party titled “Babes and Balls” as a straight male in tech, expect to be labeled “oblivious”. Could the biggest tech unicorn Uber fold in the coming years? Why is discrimination okay in the form of a “Y Combinator for Progressives”?


Babes and Balls article:

Babes and Balls pictures:

The Uber Bombshell About to Drop:

Arena Summit (YC for Progressives):

React demo with Spencer:

Mar 8, 2017

The saying goes that tech isn’t focused nearly enough on LGBT issues. So why is that when tech companies do act, articles are published with headlines like “For trans people in tech, it’s complicated when the industry suddenly cares”? What really matters here?


TC Transgender and Supreme Court:

TC “it’s complicated when the industry suddenly cares” -

NYT Uber Greyball -

Mar 1, 2017

Today I discuss the high profile stories at Tesla and Uber related to sexual assault lawsuits. Related to this discussion is meritocratic cultures and I share my thoughts on why that may lead to behavior that has nothing to do with sexism in the industry.


Tesla lawsuit:

Uber meritocracy:

Uber culture:

Uber conference call: