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Dec 28, 2016

I’m back to a solo podcast for my last episode of 2016. Since I’ve been busy with guests for the past two weeks, I close out with some of the ridiculous happenings in the tech industry that occurred in the meantime.



Complaint about ReactJS:

ReactJS Response:

Dec 22, 2016

In this episode I chat with Ryan X. Charles - Reddit’s former cryptocurrency engineer and now CEO and co-founder of about the future of getting paid for creating and discovering content with micropayments through Bitcoin.

Dec 14, 2016

Today I talk with a self taught programmer and former co-worker Will Ricketts. Will recently moved to Washington after a few years in Atlanta and was kind enough to join me on the show while he’s back in Atlanta to get his car to finalize his move out of the southeast.

Dec 7, 2016

The BBC recently covered esports: both the sexism within it and the gender pay gap. Today I discuss why the both of these are bullshit.


BBC Sexism and esports:

Julia Kiran’s tweet:

CLG Red’s Potter on women in esports:

Reaction time of sprinters at 2008 Olympics:

Dec 1, 2016

The future of tech is transparency. Reddit is finding this out the hard way in the process of digging its own grave.


Reddit CEO /r/the_donald admission:

Reddit CEO namefag:

Nov 24, 2016

Snapchat has released their first hardware product Spectacles. Some aren’t even aware of it. Many who are think it’s a gimmick. I share why I’m a fan.


Drone Fireworks:

Snapchat Spectacles:

Nov 16, 2016

Who does the left blame for Trump’s being elected president? First it was third party voters. Then it was white women. Now it’s Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Article after article has been published over the past week blaming this election on fake news being shared widely on Facebook. Today I talk about why Facebook has no obligation to fact check news sources and why that would do more harm than good.


Google’s AI Pictionary:

NYT Zuckerberg is in Denial:

Rigged by TechCrunch:

Will Trump’s Victory Be Silicon Valley’s Wake-Up Call?:

Nov 9, 2016

Against all odds, Donald Trump won the election. I recap with some analysis on post-election reactions and why Donald Trump as President may lead to some good outcomes even if you hate the guy and his political views.

Nov 2, 2016

It’s been a crazy week centered around women. First, TIME said Hillary Clinton’s “Emailgate” is an attack on women despite the overwhelming evidence against her actions as Secretary of State. Then, there’s the upcoming Distributed Denial of Women day on December 2 - a “DDOS”-like attack on the tech industry.


TIME Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate Is an Attack on Women:

CIA Officer’s Summary on Emailgate:

Distributed Denial of Women:

Oct 26, 2016

A new season of Black Mirror is out and today I talk about the first episode and what I’ve noticed about people who tend to be the most critical of technology in a Black Mirror-esque fashion. I also share a new activity I’ve been doing after reading James Altucher’s book “Choose Yourself” where I try to write down 10 original ideas every day.


My 10 ideas:

1) Vibrating earbuds as an alarm clock

2) Sound pollution apartment buying guide - reference distances and Google traffic

3) AR historical filters - landmark overlays photo from 1800s

4) Aliens would think dogs speak English or human languages

5) Pollution and global warming will be solved in 50 years

6) Tech is natural. If it isn’t, cave paintings aren’t natural

7) Surgical drones

8) Automated nanobots that order ingredients for you

9) Weather app that recommends outfits

10) Wikipedia for college courses

Oct 19, 2016

Peter Thiel managed to trigger the tech industry without uttering a single word. He merely donated $1.25 million to Donald Trump. Today I discuss how the industry reacted to this news and I give a serious libertarian case in favor of Donald Trump for this year’s election.


Ellen Pao and Thiel:

Mic article on Thiel:

Gay sex vs. gay:

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman on “dark secrets”:

Zuckerberg wanting to work with Hillary:

Eric Schmidt and Hillary:

Oct 12, 2016

Today I discuss two stories - one I believe was blown out of proportion and the other which was barely talked about. I end by giving my choice on who I want to win this election.

— —

Yahoo discrimination against men:

The Right to Discriminate:

Oct 5, 2016

Move over thoughtcrime. Followcrime is here. Earlier this week Motherboard tweeted, “Guess how many women Elon Musk follows on Twitter? Hint: same number of people currently on Mars”. Yes, people are actually complaining about who Elon follows on Twitter. If you’re a CEO in tech watch your back because you’re no longer responsible for what you say or think. Now it’s who you publicly follow. The Daily Show recently did a skit mocking the freedom in North Carolina for private businesses to discriminate against customers. I argue in favor of this right.

— —

Motherboard’s tweet:

Guardian Musk:

Huffington Post Discrimination:

Sep 29, 2016

The Department of Labor is filing a lawsuit against tech company Palantir for discriminating against Asians. Asians are rarely, if ever, considered a minority. With Peter Thiel leading the company, could there be a political motive behind this lawsuit? It doesn’t seem that unreasonable considering the week Oculus VR founder Palmer Lucky has had after The Daily Beast discovered he had donated to a conservative non-profit developing memes to attack Hillary Clinton. Is there any room at all for conservatives or Trump supporters in tech?


SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System:

Princeton and SAT scores:

DOL lawsuit against Palantir:

Palmer Luckey:

Dustin Moskovitz “Compelled to Act”:

Sep 21, 2016

Diversity advocates often say their fight for diversity is backed by science. The saying goes, diversity leads to an overall performance boost. So why isn’t there a push for diversity of political affiliation? And why does science only apply when it doesn’t conflict with their worldview?


Ben Shapiro Tweet:

Facebook and Israel:

Twitter suspends SAFE Movement:

Academia’s Rejection of Diversity:

Ladies is Gender Neutral:

Sep 14, 2016

This past weekend I finally got to experience virtual reality with the HTC Vive. I’ve been looking forward to VR since I was a little kid and even with my high expectations it did not disappoint at all.

Sep 7, 2016

Last week a Node.js programming conference Nodevember announced they would be removing Douglas Crockford, a prominent programmer within the JavaScript community, as a keynote speaker. This was driven by a small yet vocal minority of SJWs using their favorite tactic - crybullying. Their accusations, which I looked into, seemed to be complete misrepresentations of his statements if not outright lies. If you’ve listened to previous episodes of this podcast, it’s LambdaConf Round 2 but this was a win for the safe-spacers.


My blog post “In Defense of Douglas Crockford”:

Nodevember’s statement:

“Why I won’t be speaking at conferences with Douglas Crockford anymore.”:

Kass’ talk at Nodevember:

“Stepping down as Nodevember organizer”:

The Stupidity of Diversity:

Aug 31, 2016

There are billions of stars in our galaxy. Many are older than Earth. Some of these stars will have habitable zones with the potential for Earth-like planets and intelligent life forms. So where is everybody? Today I talk about the Fermi paradox, why I think we haven’t interacted with extraterrestrial lifeforms, and why they’ll have no interest in talking with us even if we could communicate with them.


TheAmazingAtheist tweet:

SETI signal:

Voyager Golden Record:

Kurzgesagt’s The Fermi Paradox (Part 1):

Kurzgesagt’s The Fermi Paradox (Part 2):

Aug 24, 2016

25 years ago the Internet opened to the public. In such a short amount of time we’ve become so dependent on our creation. The newest, scariest, and emerging product of this creation is artificial intelligence. What  types of AI exist today and how does it compare to humans? Is intelligence necessary to be as good as or better than humans? Will AI destroy the human race?


25 years of the Internet:

Watson and cancer:

Steven Pinker AI:

Aug 17, 2016

Over the weekend, I created and published my first “vlog” in response to Snapchat’s controversial Asian filter. Everyone is looking for racism these days where it obviously doesn’t exist. This filter and Ellen DeGeneres’ recent tweet with Usain Bolt are great examples. I had a lot of fun making the video so I think I’ll probably continue doing more of these in the future. I also discuss universal basic income (UBI) and why I don’t think it will lead to the utopian outcome many people expect.


Is Snapchat’s Asian Filter Racist?:

Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet:

My first digital drawing:

Aug 10, 2016

While I was at the gym the other day catching up on my favorite podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Justin Wren, a professional MMA fighter, shared his experience being bullied as a teenager in school. It hit home for me. So today I share the most humiliating moment from my childhood and how I think schools do very little to help those who are bullied by taking away their freedom to help themselves.


Joe Rogan Experience #826 - Justin Wren:

Aug 4, 2016

Yesterday I went to Advance Auto Parts in the ghetto near my apartment and had a hilarious experience with black on black racism. This week I started my new job and I take a minute to reflect on coworkers I’ve had in the past and a trend I’ve noticed very few people want to accept: In a time where privilege is a predictor of success, how are immigrants are able to make it in America?


Joe Rogan and me:

Gavin McInnes tweet:

Walter Williams Affirmative Action Bake Sale:

Jul 28, 2016

Today I chat with a good friend and former co-worker Trey “Codeschneider” Schneider. Similar to me and a previous guest on my show, Kyle Cline, Trey entered the tech industry as an outsider when he worked with the both of us at a startup around 2 years ago. Since then, Trey has been expanding his skillset and recently quit his job to build and launch his own web product -Biddybomb. Trey and I discuss what it’s like entering the industry as outsiders, the pros and cons of being a web developer, and also share some lessons we’ve learned that we wish we knew when we were first starting out.



Codeschneider on Twitter:

Jul 21, 2016

My good friend Kyle Cline joins me for the second time on my podcast. Today we discuss the craziness of the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton, and how American politics will play out for the rest of the year. We also share experiences with Pokemon Go, how geo-fencing could make it better, and how Bitcoin and the blockchain could create scarcity within the game. Finally, I end with a few thoughts about Twitter’s latest suspension of Milo Yiannopoulos.


Vaporeon Pokemon Go:

Leslie Jones Tweet:

Jul 13, 2016

It’s 2016 and Pokemon has taken over America again in the form of Pokemon Go. It’s only been out a week but I cover some of the benefits and downsides we’re seeing already. As if Pokemon in 2016 wasn’t crazy enough, Slack employee Erica Baker has taken tech progressivism to new levels by calling in to work for being…black! That isn’t a typo.


Pokemon Go:

Social media policing:

“Calling in black”:

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