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The Adam Morgan Show is a weekly podcast featuring Adam Morgan, a software engineer, with commentary on current events, politics, and its influence on tech.
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Oct 26, 2016

A new season of Black Mirror is out and today I talk about the first episode and what I’ve noticed about people who tend to be the most critical of technology in a Black Mirror-esque fashion. I also share a new activity I’ve been doing after reading James Altucher’s book “Choose Yourself” where I try to write down 10 original ideas every day.


My 10 ideas:

1) Vibrating earbuds as an alarm clock

2) Sound pollution apartment buying guide - reference distances and Google traffic

3) AR historical filters - landmark overlays photo from 1800s

4) Aliens would think dogs speak English or human languages

5) Pollution and global warming will be solved in 50 years

6) Tech is natural. If it isn’t, cave paintings aren’t natural

7) Surgical drones

8) Automated nanobots that order ingredients for you

9) Weather app that recommends outfits

10) Wikipedia for college courses

Oct 19, 2016

Peter Thiel managed to trigger the tech industry without uttering a single word. He merely donated $1.25 million to Donald Trump. Today I discuss how the industry reacted to this news and I give a serious libertarian case in favor of Donald Trump for this year’s election.


Ellen Pao and Thiel:

Mic article on Thiel:

Gay sex vs. gay:

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman on “dark secrets”:

Zuckerberg wanting to work with Hillary:

Eric Schmidt and Hillary:

Oct 12, 2016

Today I discuss two stories - one I believe was blown out of proportion and the other which was barely talked about. I end by giving my choice on who I want to win this election.

— —

Yahoo discrimination against men:

The Right to Discriminate:

Oct 5, 2016

Move over thoughtcrime. Followcrime is here. Earlier this week Motherboard tweeted, “Guess how many women Elon Musk follows on Twitter? Hint: same number of people currently on Mars”. Yes, people are actually complaining about who Elon follows on Twitter. If you’re a CEO in tech watch your back because you’re no longer responsible for what you say or think. Now it’s who you publicly follow. The Daily Show recently did a skit mocking the freedom in North Carolina for private businesses to discriminate against customers. I argue in favor of this right.

— —

Motherboard’s tweet:

Guardian Musk:

Huffington Post Discrimination: