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Aug 31, 2016

There are billions of stars in our galaxy. Many are older than Earth. Some of these stars will have habitable zones with the potential for Earth-like planets and intelligent life forms. So where is everybody? Today I talk about the Fermi paradox, why I think we haven’t interacted with extraterrestrial lifeforms, and why they’ll have no interest in talking with us even if we could communicate with them.


TheAmazingAtheist tweet:

SETI signal:

Voyager Golden Record:

Kurzgesagt’s The Fermi Paradox (Part 1):

Kurzgesagt’s The Fermi Paradox (Part 2):

Aug 24, 2016

25 years ago the Internet opened to the public. In such a short amount of time we’ve become so dependent on our creation. The newest, scariest, and emerging product of this creation is artificial intelligence. What  types of AI exist today and how does it compare to humans? Is intelligence necessary to be as good as or better than humans? Will AI destroy the human race?


25 years of the Internet:

Watson and cancer:

Steven Pinker AI:

Aug 17, 2016

Over the weekend, I created and published my first “vlog” in response to Snapchat’s controversial Asian filter. Everyone is looking for racism these days where it obviously doesn’t exist. This filter and Ellen DeGeneres’ recent tweet with Usain Bolt are great examples. I had a lot of fun making the video so I think I’ll probably continue doing more of these in the future. I also discuss universal basic income (UBI) and why I don’t think it will lead to the utopian outcome many people expect.


Is Snapchat’s Asian Filter Racist?:

Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet:

My first digital drawing:

Aug 10, 2016

While I was at the gym the other day catching up on my favorite podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Justin Wren, a professional MMA fighter, shared his experience being bullied as a teenager in school. It hit home for me. So today I share the most humiliating moment from my childhood and how I think schools do very little to help those who are bullied by taking away their freedom to help themselves.


Joe Rogan Experience #826 - Justin Wren:

Aug 4, 2016

Yesterday I went to Advance Auto Parts in the ghetto near my apartment and had a hilarious experience with black on black racism. This week I started my new job and I take a minute to reflect on coworkers I’ve had in the past and a trend I’ve noticed very few people want to accept: In a time where privilege is a predictor of success, how are immigrants are able to make it in America?


Joe Rogan and me:

Gavin McInnes tweet:

Walter Williams Affirmative Action Bake Sale: